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Hand made custom knives from the best 440C surgical grade stainless steel on the market, and high carbon steel. Fabricated from bar steel, brass, and different types of handle material in the Green Swamp of Central Florida. We strive to make the best blades for our customers that we possibly can. I prefer to use 440c stainless steel, but if you insist I will use high carbon steel. Usually 1084 or 1095 however I will not be responsible for any rust issues. High carbon steel WILL rust or corrode, unless it is taken very good care of. Please read our FAQ section so that you are familair with the policies we operate under.
I do take custom orders of just about all types. Meaning I will make your custom knife design or you can design your own handle for one of my knife designs.
All blades are hand made, not on any type of automatic machine. In fact my grinder was hand made by myself, as are many of the tools I use to make your knife with. All of my knives are hollow ground at this time.
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LEGAL:   Must Be 18 years old to purchase it's the LAW. The maker / owner or its affiliates of  Rebel Blades are NOT responsible should you, hurt, cut, maim or kill any animals, yourself or others with our knives.  Seek professional guidance before using our knives. By accepting and using this our knives  you are accepting all responsibilities and will NOT hold the maker / owner or its affiliates or Rebel Blades responsible for ANY Illegal activities or lawsuits. You are responsible for knowing your own states laws.